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EPress offers bespoke services for publishing newspapers, magazines etc. in print and digital formats, like websites, mobile apps etc. The scope of our services includes all pre-press operations including content, design, lay out, edition planning, composing, editing, graphics, illustrations etc. to creating, running and maintaining websites and apps with live contents through a content management system and creation of e-editions or digital editions for subscription (e-papers). We offer a one-stop solution to all media operations tailored to the individual need of a publication.

Over the years the media world has become complex, competitive and demanding. In true sense the news has evolved from being a point making black headline to point blank video, from breaking news to breaking views and from one way communication it has now become a multichannel communication. All this has been made possible by the web. Understanding the importance of a news web portal, we have deployed the necessary infrastructure and system to keep pace with the world. Our system can be fully integrated with the newsroom of a newspaper with all the participants under a collaborative environment. It offers a responsive user interface that is compatible with all devices.

Over the years smartphone has become the most effective medium for delivery of news. The ever growing innovative features of smartphones and an omnipresent Internet has made the business of news even more interesting and challenging. So far a lot has been done in mobile apps for news, but a lot more is required to be done to make these apps more effective and useful. Our mobile apps are innovative tools for delivering the news to the readers while offering the publisher with better options for monetizing the content. Right from the engaging user interface to interesting components of the mobile apps, we have tried to make the mobile apps addictive.

EPress Limited is a global media hub and a resource center based in Ireland. We specialize in media outsourcing – print and digital, Big Data analysis, data visualizations and an On Demand TV channel on global business and economics on Windows, Android and iOS platform.

The company has had its presence through its group companies in countries like India, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius and Nepal and we are elated to have been entrusted with the critical responsibilities of some of the world’s largest newspapers, where we have been trusted for quality of content and high standards of performance.

Having been a part of media industry for the last 23 years, we feel lucky to be a part of media revolution, right from the stage of the evolution of Internet to the ever-evolving world of digital publishing.

What remained constant throughout these years was our implacable and near perfect track record and high standards of performance. We offer a large bouquet of services, which are scalable and fully customizable to the individual needs of a publication or media organization.

To make it all happen we have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals backed by latest technologies and a sound infrastructure. We invite you to explore our site.

Business intelligence and Data visualization is the next big thing. The sheer amount of data being generated today is quite voluminous and a structured approach is needed for its analysis, comprehension and for drawing a conclusion. It will be no exaggeration to say that the data will rule the world soon.

EData is a platform for the business, financial and economic data and its analysis through creative and compelling visualizations. This a live data portal having different modules for different users. This is an enterprise portal with a lot of value additions for The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, International Banks, Fund Houses, Mutual Funds, Governments, Government Institutions, Corporates, Media Houses, TV Channels, Newspapers and research institutions across the world.

On demand TV is already a big business in the world and with the advent of smart TVs some years ago, the scope of On Demand content has been growing multifolds.

The Economic Channel is an economic TV channel with special focus on business and economy. This is a unique product as we have tried to integrate data, news and analysis with the business intelligence for better comprehension of information. The channel has an interactive interface, which allows users to easily browse through the information they need. There are basically two modules of this On Demand TV channel. The first module is country specific, while the second module is a global interface for data, news and analysis.

The name says it all. The Point is a news portal aimed at all types of readers, without limiting the scope with geographical boundaries. The objective of this news portal is to develop a one stop platform for news, views, information, data, advices and opinions from a wide range of topics, though it will have the regular features too. Another feature of this portal is it's interactive interface, which helps the user with engaging apps and interactive technologies. The news portal is currently in beta phase. The Point can also be managed as an outsourced product for a media organization as a news portal.

ReadIT is a mobile/PC app that offers audio edition of a publication. Audio editions are fast becoming popular and can be a good source for revenue generation and monetization of content. ReadIT has a user friendly interface and streams data to the user’s device using Internet. It is a well designed app with a user friendly interface and allows the users to search content, browse menu and listen to the content as per their selection. It can also be used for continuous play back of contents in male/female voice. This app can also be used for on demand contents and as a Podcast platform.