ePress Limited offers bespoke services for publishing newspapers, magazines, and other publications in print as well as digital formats, like websites, mobile apps, e-readers, etc. The scope of our services includes all pre-press operations from content, design, layout, edition planning, composing, editing, graphics, illustrations and more to creating, running and maintaining websites and apps with live contents through a content management system. Moreover, our team also has the capability of creating subscription-based e-editions or digital editions (e-papers). We offer a one-stop solution to all media operations tailored to the individual need of any publication.
Backed by the best of technology and an experienced team of professionals, we have been in the industry for about 26 years, globally. We are proud to produce the TechPro magazine – Ireland’s IT professional journal – and ShelfLife – Ireland’s retail authority.

Tools we use

Here is a list of tools we use for various processes Print Publishing

1) Windows
2) Mac

1) Adobe InDesign
2) QuarkXpress
3) Adobe Photoshop
4) Adobe Illustrators
5) Coral Draw

1) NewsWrap (Our composing and editing system)
2) Microsoft Word
3) Google Docs

1) Basecamp

1) WordPress
2) Php
3) Microsoft .Net
4) Java
5) Java Script
6) HTML5 + CSS3
7) Bootstrap
8) Magento
9) Prestashop
10) Laravel
11) Adobe PhoneGap
12) Android SDK
13) AppMachine
14) Xojo

1) Dropbox
2) Slack
3) Google Drive

ServicesMedia Production

Typesetting, Proofing and Copy Editing
Layout and Designing
Graphic Design, Illustrations, Sketches, and Advanced Charting
Scanning, Color corrections, Photo & Advertisement Make-Up.
Prepress Production Services
Digital Publishing – Websites, Mobile Apps & e-Editions

A user-friendly and easy-to-use web interface which enables anyone with a computer and a browser to file stories and reports from anywhere. This is a perfect setup for reporters, photographers, freelance journalists and stringers.

Versatile system that accommodates your last-minute changes, including (but not limited to) advertisements coming just before the publication is sent to the press, a breaking news that needs to be incorporated at the eleventh hour, or a last-minute edit.

Cross-platform compatibility – works on both Windows and Mac.

Live and instant access to the latest stage and status of your publication right from the process of edition planning to the final production stage of your newspaper or magazine. Have absolute control over your publication at all times.

Stress-free publishing at a fraction of your present cost.

View and edit the page plan live: seamlessly integrated with your present publishing software (like QuarkXpress or InDesign), get your changes to the page plan reported to us instantly

Our e-publication is not a typical page flip publication: It provides flexibility in terms of choosing the font size and having a responsive layout (which adjusts as per the size of the screen of the reader), among many other adjustable features.

Our rich text editor ensures a seamless flow to pagination, with support for MS Office, Quark Copy Desk & Adobe InCopy. Since it creates versions of the story/news, it is efficient in tracking the changes for editingat a later stage (if required).

Now there is no need of writing emails: avoid the unnecessary back and forth transfer of files from editor/reporter to us (the production team)

Our systems are deployed on powerful and highly secure Amazon servers based in Ireland for high-speed performance and 24 X 7 availability.

We have a disaster backup system to take care of any unforseen situation that may arise with alternative processes in place through shared servers for uninterrupted working.

We help you stay in complete control with the daily upload of output files (editable quark / InDesign files with fonts and pictures of completed pages / editions).

Our systems are fully compatible with all Industry Standard Tools & Applications.

Our Photo Manager allows search, preview, selection, cropping and colour correction of pictures and Advertisement makeup.

Our system provides instant and direct connection between the news desk and us (the production team), thereby making the process very efficient.

We provide Internet Content Aggregation, which crawls predefined websites.

The administration module provides the administrator rights to add/edit/or remove any users, apart from creating desks and editions. It helps the editors immensely in planning the edition and the resources.

We support both design-led and content-led workflows.

We support all major wire and syndication services and bureau servers, which aggregate all news received from bureau offices.

You can count on us for a never-seen-before ease of publishing and for saving massive production costs. We offer six days-a-week, 14 hours-a-day publishing schedule available round the year. Our truly world-class services come at a nominal set up cost and a low production cost.


ePress Limited offers a one-stop solution to all your publishing needs through a versatile Editorial Management Application.

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