We operate through a prepress platform, which is deployed on the AWS server (Amazon Web Server) based in Dublin, Ireland, with a live mirror site also working as a disaster backup system.

A mirror site is a live server, which is an online replica of an existing server. In our case, all the operations
done on the central server (Dublin based AWS) are replicated precisely on it in a live environment.
Following are the advantages.

1) All the work done is saved live as a backup. Thus, there can’t be a loss of work in case of an eventuality.

2) The mirror site can be accessed by authorised persons from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Thus, if for any reason, you wish to access your files anytime 24X7, you can do it exactly as you would find them on your laptop. It’s like saving the entire work automatically on your personal computers.

3) You are in complete control of all your publications and updated with the total work done and saved up to the last minute.

Yes, you can access it from anywhere, anytime and can copy/send any particular file or the entire publication.

Please watch the videos at www.epress.ie/explainer-videos to see how the system works. The process is
quite simple. First, the reporter/journalist/writer/columnist files the story from any device (mobile phone, tablet,
etc.) using NewsDesk (our publishing platform) on the Firefox web browser. The story then automatically goes
for the editor’s approval. Once the story is approved, it is assigned by the editor to the respective page of the
publication using NewsDesk. As the story is being assigned, our publishing system alerts us, and our production
team starts page production.

Although it is not necessary, it will be undoubtedly helpful as we remain live on Slack and Microsoft Teams 24 X 7.

Yes. To maintain consistency of publication, we dedicate a team of experienced staff in our office for every publication. Since they are being trained to understand a specific publication and its needs, the team remains the same in every issue.

We are on the desk till the time we get the final approval from the editor, irrespective of the time the clock shows. Moreover, even after going into the press, if there is an issue, we will still be able to handle it. It means that the entire production is our responsibility no matter how much time it takes. Also, we work in shifts so we will be accessible most of the time in a day.

If required, you can speak to the head of the production team based in our office. Usually, we interact using Slack (www.slack.com) for instant communication, file transfer, instructions, scheduling and reporting. Slack can be used from any device, including your mobile. The communication through Slack is quite clear and unambiguous. We are available on Slack for more than 18 hours a day.

Anything that suits you – emails, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or any other system you use, is acceptable to us.However, we use Basecamp (www.basecamp.com) for assigning the task and following it up with an explicit mention of the deadline to complete the task. You can include your entire sales team in the Basecamp ticket assigned to us. Anyone who is tagged in the task will get the whole communication along with all the shared resources (files), through basecamp notification and email. If you want, you can then even tag your client in the basecamp ticket used for assigning the task. It is entirely up to you to control the conversation by involving as many, or as little people you want.

We use QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign for layout and CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for designing on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The entire production is being done on a robust publishing platform, which has its own Content Management System (CMS).

Our prepress publication system is a simple and effective solution. It is effortless to use and gives you a lot of control over your publication and eliminates unnecessary back and forth communication. It not just saves time but also adds efficiency at both ends.

You can see the entire progress live, under the Page Preview tab of NewsDesk (our prepress publishing system) and let us know your observations instantly through Slack. It is as good as sitting in the same office and monitoring the progress live. If you have suggestions, they will be considered immediately, and you can see your  observations/changes being implemented in real-time.

It’s perfectly fine. We will provide an alternative page based on your observations/instructions without any additional cost.

We have experienced people who can make a dead picture speak.

Please watch the video Web Ad Manager at www.epress.ie/explainer-videos. Our editions are live, which means any change in stories or news placement, addition or deletion of advertisements (which is an inevitable thing until the newspaper goes into print) is being done live without any confusions and with negligible communication.

It works especially very well for advertisements. Any addition, deletion or any changes in ads are notified to our production team within 90 seconds through system-generated alerts, without requiring explanations of the same. It is faster than picking up the phone and letting the person know and explaining the changes and much quicker than walking up to the person in your office and getting it done.

Web Ad Manager is one of the best features our publishing system has to offer. All that is required for the management of ads, including the last-minute changes like addition or dropping of ads, is just three simple steps.

1) Fill up a simple excel sheet with barely a few columns.

2) Upload the actual advertisement.

3) Release the page by a click of the mouse button. The changes will automatically reflect on the pages at our end within 90 seconds. We request you to please watch the video Web Ad Manager at www.epress.ie/explainer-videos and see how efficiently we can handle it. Alternatively, you can use www.flat-plan.com/, if you wish to manage the ads yourself and keep the edition dummy live.

Yes. You can make any changes you want in the publication. However, the same can be done very easily and quickly if you inform us.

Generally, we prefer to release the pages/sections as they are completed, so that the editor and the team have enough time for checking and making corrections if they are required. But, if the requirement is to release the entire publication at one go, we can do that as well.

As all the systems and processes are protected by latest software and tools, the production process is very safe.

We have an experienced team of professionals, who can create the best-looking website, update and maintain it regularly with day-to-day basic troubleshooting at a very nominal cost of just €3 per printed page of your publication. However, search engine optimisation (SEO) and customised development can be done at an extra cost, depending on the time required for the same.

We can manage your website with live contents through the CMS. If required, we can also create the mobile app and maintain, update and troubleshoot like the website, which would be a productive web asset of your company. We have provided tech support and content updation to Irish websites like www.garden.ie, www.techcentral.ie, www.techtradelive.ie, www.growtrade.ie, www.shelflife.ie, www.drinksindustryireland.ie, www.techexcellenceawards.ie, www.glasireland.ie, www.mediateam.ie etc. with a track record of solving around 800 queries.

Certainly! We have a few products for e-editions and m-papers If you are happy with your current product, we can do it precisely the same. However, if you want to improve it further, we can offer many things from better layout and presentation to the addition of audio and videos to monetise the contents better.

Yes. Our publishing platform can integrate news services and wires seamlessly.

You are welcome to test and familiarise yourself and anyone else who would be a part of the process.

We will be happy to do two editions free of cost to showcase how the system will work and how it will add
efficiency and productivity and help your profits grow.