m-paper (multimedia newspaper)

Some of the exclusive features of our m-paper

1) Audio stories Now you can listen to the stories in the paper in the local accent. It is a useful feature as a lot of people now want to catch up with the news on the go, and they will find it very helpful to listen to the story rather than reading it. For exploring this feature, click on any blue play button, to stop listening either flip the page from the right or click the same blue play button again.

2) Video stories and ads To enhance the reader’s experience, now you can add videos in your stories, which can play automatically on flipping a page. To boost the revenues, you can now book video ads in the m-paper. Just click on the red play button on any ad to explore this feature.

3) Slide Shows It is a great eye-catcher and a very important feature. Now you can show as many pictures you want in a story. Also, you can book Ads with slideshows. It will especially be a great feature for covering events.

4) Pop – up text This is the best feature of our m-paper. Simply touch any story, and its text will pop – up in a new window in a legible size and formatting, which also includes photos.

5) Make every photo in your paper special Just touch or click on any photo, and it will automatically zoom to fit your device screen. It is a crucial feature for your ads, as they will now zoom to fit your screen, making them readable and useful by adding a lot of value for your advertisers.

6) Online Market Place Now your m-paper is also a fully functional e-commerce application or an online store. You can now ask the entire town to start selling on your platform. Here it is important to note that you won’t be selling anything, nor you would be maintaining stocks or doing deliveries. Your paper, which reaches thousands of people works as a market place, where people can list their goods and services and sell. You get display ads for the products listed by sellers and also a very decent commission on sales done through your m-paper.

7) Hanging Panel Ads Boost your revenues by placing hanging panel ads, video ads and by enabling google ad sense for your m-paper.