Media Production


Media Production

Joining notes and pieces together to give an idea or thought a shape is an important task. Our experienced typesetters ensure that they do justice to the work by composing a crisp and clear piece. Then, we share the composed material with the editors through the mail, NewsDesk (our CMS), Dropbox, or through specialist project management tools like Basecamp and Slack, making sure that real-time collaboration between the client and our team happens, with clearly defined deadlines. Upon getting feedback from the editors, our proofreaders and copy-editing team swing into action and execute the editors’ instructions.

One of the critical tasks in publishing is the arrangement of different elements such as body copy, colours, headlines, illustrations and advertisements. Our layout team ensures that the page layout is not just very effective but also in sync with the overall design philosophy of the publication. However, this is a dynamic exercise, and depending on the placement of advertisements, the layout may change even at the eleventh hour. Backed by a capable publishing platform, our experienced team are well equipped to handle such requests and meet the deadlines. Please check the salient features for details.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well! That says it all. Graphics are essential elements of a publication, and creative graphics and illustrations can significantly boost the scope of a publication. Our graphic designers are creative and among the best in the industry. The modern-day journalism is data-driven and we are equipped with modern charting tools and techniques to do justice to the story. Using advance charting techniques, both in print and digital formats, value-addition can be done to any publication or website.

As part of our graphic-design services portfolio, we offer graphic reproductions, redrawing, scanning, image resizing, colour corrections, retouching and digital proofing. We work with both digital and print forms and leverage the capabilities of the best graphic design software available, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and Adobe FreeHand.

From an idea to the final print, our experienced team of designers and layout professionals take care of everything, to offer a seamless service. Since every publication has its unique character and requirements, we dedicate a team for the regular projects to maintain consistency and quality. We are proficient in the prepress design and layout software – InDesign and QuarkXPress – and work in both or as per client’s requirement.

We offer a one-stop solution for all publishing requirements. Our competent and efficient digital publishing team can seamlessly integrate the newsroom with the print as well as the digital platforms – websites and mobile apps – through our publishing platform. Our experienced team can create new websites or provide support for existing websites on any platform like WordPress, .NET etc. We have to our credit developing and have provided support for Ireland’s leading media websites like,,,,,,,, and others.

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