Tech Support

We offer the following services

Technical support

Technical support and troubleshooting for existing websites, portals, apps and other IT products.

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New project development including websites, apps, customised IT products & solutions and development of new software.

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Consultancy for the information technology requirements.

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Range of markets

All our services are delivered online with short turnaround time. Our services are backed by a team of experienced IT professionals and the turnaround time for backend and tech support services is 0-48 hours. The timeframe for new development varies as per the requirement of the project.

Driven by the passion for technology and with over 18 years of experience in providing IT solutions, ePress can be your partner in growth by providing technical support for your business. Information Technology (IT) is the backbone of every organisation no matter what you are dealing in and we at ePress want to ensure that the technology helps you grow as we take care of all your IT problems.

We offer services related to support for existing websites and apps across all platforms, development of new websites, apps and portals, development of customised software and programs and consultancy for your information technology requirements. We work as your backend office, and with short turnaround time, we ensure that your business is up and running in its best possible state.

We have worked for some of Ireland’s popular websites, including, www.,,,,,,, etc. by providing them with tech support for over two and a half years.

To ensure the best technical support, we work six days-a-week and twelve hours-a-day. With an experienced team of professionals, we can help you make the most of your technological infrastructure.

Please get in touch with our committed and driven team for services which are best suited to your requirement.