Websites & News Portal


Websites & News Portal

News portals and websites are the perfect compliment to newspapers and magazines. Our experienced team of professionals understand the requirement of modern publishing, and can handle all the operations, from development to maintenance, from updation to troubleshooting. We have worked for some of Ireland’s popular websites including
etc. by providing them with tech support for over two and a half years. During this period, we have resolved over 600 queries on a quick turnaround basis, including queries related to updation, design, development, redevelopment, newsletters, regular error-troubleshooting, and general advising.We also have to our credit creating one of Ireland’s best gardening website:

Our publishing system integrates the flow of news to print, websites and mobiles from a single source via an automated process, which saves time and ensures smooth operation.

Another jewel in the crown, our e-paper solution is one of the best in the industry. It offers a responsive interface which resembles that of Amazon Kindle, offering the flexibility of choosing the font-size (among many other features) to suit the individual needs of the reader.

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