ePress Limited has provided a wide range of technical support, particularly on web and software related issues, to the teams
that produce ShelfLife Magazine, The Irish Garden and Techpro and the related web properties, over the past two and half years. We have found the response times to be very good and the advice and direction to be in line with what we really needed. As a company without a dedicated IT manager, we find the ePress service to be invaluable

John McDonald
Managing Director, Mediateam

Vipul and his team at ePress Limited provide a professional, dedicated service. Vipul is highly responsive to requests and I have found him pleasant and enjoyable to work with. He and the team at ePress Limited are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver and as such, are reliable partners for our publication.

Gillian Hamill
Editor, ShelfLife

Mediateam Ltd’s Technology Division has worked with ePress since last one year. The services provided include print production for TechPro Magazine , as well as technical development of online resources such as
www.techcentral.ie In that time, we have found ePress personnel to be enthusiastic, hardworking and responsive. We have steadily increased our usage of ePress services, and look forward to an ongoing and developing partnership in the coming years.

Paul Hearns
Head of content , Mediateam Ltd

“Vipul is an outstanding resource, whom I have been hoarding (selfishly) for a long time. He is an ideal resource-provider – extremely well informed and technically superb on his subject, a value-creator and an ideator. As a news manager, I personally give very high weightage to integrity, where Vipul scores very highly.”

Ravi Srinivasan
Editor, The Hindu Business

“I have hosted Vipul Verma on NDTV India shows. He prepares a lot and is very serious about what he does. No wonder then that his work and advice brings along a lot of weight. Above all Vipul appears to be a very caring person.”

Mehraj Dube
Vice President, Programming, Zee Media Corporation